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... to the homepage of Fit for TUMorrow!


This initiative particularly addresses to ambitious students of Bachelor and Master Degree programmes at the faculty of mathematics of TUM. It aims at making students fit for future challenges – Fit for TUMorrow.

In cooperation with numerous companies as well as the Carl von Linde Academy, we are able to offer interested students an advanced training programme. Within this programme, students discuss contemporary issues of the financial world, learn the basics to appear self-confidentially and professionally in their future jobs and are made familiar with tools professional traders make use of in our field of activity. By way of this programme, our partners from business and industry offer attractive jobs as well as master theses of practical relevance.  

However, it is not only our supporting companies that mainly contribute to this programme’s success but also you, dear students! Therefore, it is not only worth browsing our offer but also uttering your requests and ideas to the team of Fit for TUMorrow.

For the time being, we wish you much fun surfing through our homepage and hope we are able to convince you of our fitness programme.

Yours sincerely,  

Rudi Zagst

Save the date: This year's Fit for TUMorrow Day will take place on Friday, November 16th 2018.

Further details, as well as a link to register for the event can be found as soon they are available.