Honouring of Course Certificates

A number of course certificates at TUM can be honoured for the degree in actuarial education. The faculty of mathematics offers the following modules:

  1. Mathematics, stochastics, statistics

  2. Non-life actuarial mathematics

  3. Personal actuarial mathematics

  4. Financial mathematics

Please find information about components 1 - 3 on the university homepage of mathematical statistics.

Altogether, the four lectures

  • Discrete Time Finance (MA3701)

  • Continuous Time Finance (MA3702)

  • Fixed Income Markets (MA3703)

  • Portfolio Analysis (MA4706)

cover the scope of the DAV exam subject of “Financial Mathematics and Investment Management“.
Upon application and presentation of graded course certificates with a minimum grade of 4.0 in all above mentioned fields of knowledge, Prof. Dr. Rudi Zagst is able to issue a certificate for DAV.


In order to file for the application, please send copies of the graded certificates of all lectures mentioned above as well as a filled in form to our office.



Please get in touch with Prof. Dr. Rudi Zagst for any questions.